Our Team

Richard Risser
Founder of OutX

The driving force that keeps the dream of Ride Mexico alive

Deysi Nieto-Risser
Staff of OutX

Jack of all trades, motorcycle aficionado, takes the road less travelled

Peter St. John
Staff of OutX

Endless optimism, a happy smile and generous supporter of Ride Mexico

Adryck Risser
Staff of OutX

Camera/audio man
and fellow adventurer

Billy Patterson
Staff of OutX

Supporter of Ride Mexico, cheerful soul, and helping hand where ever needed

Lach McGuigan
Staff of OutX

Engineer for all of our most complicated technical creations for Ride Mexico

Paul Fellegy
Supporter of OutX

Supporter of Ride Mexico and its conservation work with habitat preservation: @The Monkey Girls

Fernando García
Webmaster of OutX

Web developer for Ride Mexico and technical support. www.webya.com.mx