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Ride Mexico
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The trans-Mexico adventure route
Coming December 2024
The Ride and Overland Mexico route online
for Adventure Riders and Overlanders
We are filming the creation of the route
for our video series

For those who love adventure, travelling, and enjoying the beauty of the path less travelled.

  • Bahía de los Angeles

    Outback Exploration

  • Los Cabos

    Outback Exploration

  • Mazatlán

    Outback Exploration

  • Pico de Orizaba

    Outback Exploration

  • Teotihuacán

    Outback Exploration

  • Barrancas del Cobre

    Outback Exploration

  • Palenque

    Outback Exploration

  • Puerto Vallarta

    Outback Exploration

OutX is Outback Exploration
for adventure motorcyclists

Outback Exploration creates adventure tracks for ADV rider and Overlanders. Currently we are working on the Ride Mexico and Overland Mexico transMexico route.

Our GPS tracks will link many of Mexico’s most spectacular destinations including volcanoes, pyramids, canyons, beaches, waterfalls, deserts and picturesque colonial cities and towns.

We are here to help you plan your adventure travels.

Our OutX team provides you with GPS tracks, maps, and detailed information about what to expect on each segment of our world-class transMexico route including waypoints for fuel stations, camping, lodging, and points of interest.

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This project is a dream come true.

Mexico has SO MUCH to offer for adventure riders and overlanders. We thank you for coming along with us on this exciting adventure.

For most of its length the Ride Mexico ( and Overland Mexico ( route cuts deep into the majestic and vast Serra Madre mountains that make up 70% of Mexico.

The rugged topography makes for fun and exciting riding and driving. By maintaining a mean elevation of 1500 meters or about 4,500 feet, the temperatures are mostly mild, ranging between 9 and 30 degrees Celsius or 48 an 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
The route goes through 23 of Mexico’s 32 states and a wide variety of ecosystems ranging from tropical and alpine forests to scrublands and deserts

Now, in 2024, we will be riding the full 18,400 kilometer (11,220 mile) length of the Ride Mexico track over 6 months to confirm the validity of the route and reroute and recreate as realities on the ground necessitate. Waypoints will be established for fuel stations, camping sites, hotels and inns, and all points of interest. A fully outfitted 2009 FJ Cruiser is our overlanding and support vehicle and we will be riding a KTM 500 EXC-F, a KTM 1290 Super Adventure and a Suzuki DR 650.

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about the creation of the route.



Ride our adventure routes and they will change the way you see Mexico and North America.



See the incredible compassion and humanity of Mexicans in your backcountry travels.



Experience the thrill of living life on the road!.



Explore the marvels of Mexico with its pyramids, canyons, volcanoes, beaches and so much more.

We create GPS tracks and planning tools for your next adventure

Mexico’s latitude makes the country ideal for motorcycling almost year round.

We have created GPS tracks for an 18,563-kilometer (11,534 miles), mostly-dirt-road route that links sites such as the Pico de Orizaba (Mexico’s highest peak at 18,491 feet or 5,636 meters), the Monarch Butterfly Reserves, the impressive archeological site of Teotihuacán with its pyramids of the sun and moon, the Copper Canyon (that is both deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon in the US), the ancient Mayan archeological sites of Palenque, Yaxchilan and Tonina, the beautiful colonial silver-mining town of Taxco and many other inspiring places for a total of 63 wondrous destinations.

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Now this dream is coming true

Riding the DR650 down through Mexico, Richard was inspired once again by Mexico’s rugged topography, endless dirt roads, beautiful volcanoes, deep canyons, romantic colonial cities and impressive archeological sites. The dream of creating a trans-Mexico adventure route linking many of these impressive sites was born.

We have been working tirelessly to make this route a reality. It all began by identifying the most impressive locations for adventure riding the length and width of Mexico. The second step was to see how many of these locations could be linked on maps by the kind of mountainous winding dirt roads that are an adventure rider’s dream tracks. The third step is to ride the route from start to finish to check the validity of our research and planning, making adjustments as we go along.

Outback Exploration Staff
Richard, the founder of Outback Exploration, first explored Mexico on his Cannondale M-400 mountain bike in 2006, crossing Mexico from Texas to Guatemala.

After cycling on to Panama he returned to Mexico where he still lives today. Richard worked as a tour guide in southern Mexico and criss-crossed the country from the Pacific to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico time and time again.

In 2019 he bought a Suzuki DR650 in Pennsylvania and rode Sam Correro’s TransAmerica Trail to central Oklahoma, then cut down through Texas and Mexico all the way to the Mexico-Guatemala border on a 63-day adventure ride.